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Covid-19 Update

We wish to thank our clients for understanding and adapting so quickly to our changing protocols. 

Since the government has ordered that we limit our services to only essential appointments, we have received a number of enquiries regarding what services we are able to offer. 


As always, if you have any concerns about the health of your pet, please call the clinic. We still are able to see sick patients and are performing some telemedicine appointments for those situations where a physical visit may not be possible. 


We have been instructed to delay any surgeries that are not medically urgent. This is primarily because the drugs and personal protective equipment that surgeries require MUST be prioritized for the human healthcare workers. We are reviewing all cases individually, and deferring procedures when possible. 

We understand that delaying your pet’s spay or neuter is inconvenient, but it would not be appropriate or ethical to disregard the mandate from our government and our governing body.  We will reschedule these procedures as soon as we are able. 


Many people have welcomed new furry family members into their homes over the last few weeks. It is very important that young animals receive their vaccinations. We are able to see animals for these visits. 

If you have a mature, healthy, previously well-vaccinated pet, we may advise you that it is acceptable to delay these boosters for the time being. We will review each file individually.

As you know, the situation is continuing to change. We will continue to follow the directives of our governing bodies and adapt our protocols as needed.

We hope you and your families are staying safe.